The Love of The Farmhouse Style

“The Best Journey Always Brings You Home”

The love I have for the farmhouse style homes and decor is somewhat natural and deep within me.

I grew up as a farmer’s daughter on a family farm called the “Home Place” and in a farming community in a small town in Valier, Montana.  I no longer live on the farm but it is still in our family , three generations deep now, and very much in my heart. It truly was the place that built me.  The lifestyle on the farm for me is irreplaceable and one I long for often that my kids could experience. The farmhouse style to me is one that brings me back to life on the farm. Farmhouse by definition is a dwelling that serves as the primary residence in a rural or agricultural setting. Our house was surrounded by agricultural land worked by my parents and now my brother.  As I have gotten older, moved away, and lost my parents,  I realize I took for granted when I lived there the simplicity of this lifestyle, the memories in the making, the lessons I was learning but didn’t realize yet, the depth of how much I would miss everything, including the cows.  Yes, I said cows because I was and am still very much afraid of cows, they are not always and most of the time not the portrayed “Happy Cows”.  I am so thankful for still being apart of the farm left behind by our parents. When we go back I see my dad’s son making my dad proud, a younger version of my dad you can say.  So when I go to antique shops & fairs, retail stores, and flea markets, I go back in a different way, more so down memory lane.  In the retail stores, the lifestyle I was apart and lived in, is an inspiration of our modern farmhouse style today.  What an honor to those families and farmers that truly lived that lifestyle and what was old is new again. What is a modern farmhouse decor style? I remember as a kid I always thought the oldness, weathering, rusting, the wearing away, paint peeling, dents & dings, and imperfections of the fences, barns, sheds, houses, galvanized troughs, chicken feeders, grain bins, and lights,  and more was something that needed to be replaced and something we just couldn’t afford to fix. Who knew that today I would look past those flaws with a smile and say I love that weathered wood and old world charm.  When I see the replicated products in the retail stores, the difference is the years and the purpose.  The items from years back we grew up with served a purpose and now the purpose of the modern and replicated farmhouse designs are simply decor with no purpose with the curiousness of what it may have been used for.  Modern farmhouse style in today’s world is natural textures, weathering, galvanized steel, exposed wood beams, touches of new,chic, sleek, casual, and neutral colors often noted as a fashionable farmhouse.  Perhaps, modern farmhouse sheds light on the simple life, the memories, or the life we wish we had or always have dreamed about.  According to Realtor Magazine, the most googled style of house was farmhouse followed by rustic, Whether it be in the country or the city, we can all have our modern farmhouse and call it HOME!  For me, “The Best Journey Always Will Bring Me Home,” wherever that may be, farmhouse or not, it is a part of me and who I am.

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